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Medical Codes - Standard

Contains: AMA CPT Codes with Short, Medium, Long Descriptions, RVU's, and Global Fee PeriodsCodes with Short, Medium & Long Descriptions,  GFP/FUD and RVUs




Medical Codes - Professional Edits

Contains: AMA CPT Codes with Short, Medium, Long Descriptions, RVU's, Global Fee Periods, Notes, Status Indicators for Sex Edits, Conscience Sedation, Add on Code, Mod 51 Exempt, Mod 63 Exempt.

Record Layout :
Field Type Size  Description
Code Char 5 CPT Code
Sdesc Char 28 CPT Description (Upper)
Mdesc Char 48 CPT Description (Upper)
LDesc Char 254 CPT Description (Upper and lower case)
Global Char 3 Global Fee Period (Follow-up days) 
Non_FAC_RVU Char 10 Total Non Facility RVUs
Non_FAC_Fee Char 10 Non Facility Fee - National
FAC_RVU Char 10 Total Facility RVUs
FAC_Fee Char 10 Facility Fee - National
Notes Char 254 CPT Coding Tips and Notes
Status Char 1 N- New, R- Revised
Sex * Char 1 M- Male, F -Female
Conscience Sedation* Char 2 CS
Add on Code* Char 2 AO
Mod 51 Exempt* Char 2 51
Mod 63 Exempt* Char 2 63
* Professional Edits Only
27246 TREAT THIGH FRACTURE CLTX GRTER TRCHNTRIC FX W/O MNPJ Closed treatment of greater trochanteric fracture, without manipulation 9.74 312.41 9.74 312.41 90

27248 TREAT THIGH FRACTURE OPEN TREATMENT GREATER TROCHANTERIC FRACTURE Open treatment of greater trochanteric fracture, includes internal fixation, when performed 19.76 629.92 19.76 629.92 90
27256 TREAT HIP DISLOCATION TX SPON HIP DISLC ABDCT SPLNT/TRCJ W/O ANES Treatment of spontaneous hip dislocation (developmental, including congenital or pathological), by abduction, splint or traction; without anesthesia, without manipulation 7.73 245.97 6.46 202.71 10 For treatment of acetabular fracture with fixation, see 27226, 27227
27266 TREAT HIP DISLOCATION CLTX POST HIP ARTHRP DISLC REQ ANES Closed treatment of post hip arthroplasty dislocation; requiring regional or general anesthesia 14.89 475.93 14.89 475.93 90

27267 CLTX THIGH FX CLOSED TX FEMORAL FRACTURE PROX HEAD W/O MNPJ Closed treatment of femoral fracture, proximal end, head; without manipulation 10.67 341.7 10.67 341.7 90 New CPT 2008. N


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