The National Dental Advisory Service Key Code Processing

For your convenience you can purchase and download the NDAS Pricing Program online 24/7
(no USB drive, no shipping/handling charges, no waiting). Online purchases are non refundable.
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National Dental Advisory Service Pricing Program

  • Windows 7/8/10/11. After installation, no internet required

  • Available for your Zip Code Area or the Entire U.S.

  • Official ADA CDT Codes and Full Descriptions

  • 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th & 95th Fee Percentiles in U.S. Dollars

  • Locate & Tag CDT Procedures Key Word

  • Helps Review, Fine-Tune, or Design a Fee Schedule

  • Import/Export 5 User Defined Fee Schedules

  • Import/Export 5 User Defined Frequency Schedules

  • Frequency/Utilization Analysis

  • Valuable Coding Notes & Collection Tips

  • Custom Report Generator

Select Version Year:

Available in 3 Versions:

Standard Version - Any 3 digit zip code prefix additional 3 digit prefixes $20 each

Available Options:

1st 3 digit Zip Code Prefix:

2nd 3 digit Zip Code Prefix:


3rd 3 digit Zip Code Prefix:


Additional Users:

(+50% per additional user)   10 or more please call

All Zip Version - All U.S. zip codes

Developers Version - All U.S. zip with full export privileges . Requires License Agreement.

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