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Record Layout / Sample Data

File Description / Details:

Description: HCPCS Table of Drugs 
File Name: HCPCS_Drug

Record Layout:
Field Type Description
Drug Name Char Drug Name
Amount Char Amount
Code Char HCPCS Code
Administration Char

IA - Intra-arterial administration

IV - Intravenous administration

IM - Intramuscular administration

IT - Intrathecal

SC - Subcutaneous administration

INH - Administration by inhaled solution

VAR - Various routes of administration

OTH - Other routes of administration

ORAL - Administered orally

Sample Data  

Drug Name Amount Code Administration
Abarelix 10 mg J0128  
Abatacept 10 mg J0129  
Abbokinase, see Urokinase      
Abciximab 10 mg J0130 IV
Abelcet, see Amphotericin B Lipid Complex      
Acetazolamide sodium up to 500 mg J1120 IM, IV
Acetylcysteine, injection 100 mg J0132  
Acetylcysteine, unit dose form per gram J7604,J7608 INH